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The 8-Step 'Cycle' That Snowballed 1 Of Our STUDENTS Sales To Over $980,000 in Jan 2019...

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    The Innovator Blueprint

    This is our complete secret formula that you can't get ANYWHERE ELSE that shows you step-by-step how the process works, including templates to make it super easy to implement.


    The Brain Trust

    You’ll be invited to get on a weekly call with Nick & Max, as well as successful beta-students where we keep you updated on what is working RIGHT NOW, new opportunities and get all your questions answered by us!


    Job Killing Swipe File

    Done For You Plug n’ Play Templates: Get access to the exact ad copy, images, targeting and presell pages we use to crush it every day!


    The Success Predictor

    Our top-secret vault of successful ads…how we know if any offer is making money. This is how we ‘green light’ profitable offers. This is how we can start out on almost any offer profitably from day 1.


    Vendor VIP Club

    Access to the vendor relationships we've spent years cultivating… bypass the occasional red tape that some affiliates face With Our Private Black Book.


    Untapped Offer Hunter

    The ability to be one of the FIRST to promote a hot new offer when profit margins are at their HIGHEST We tell you when an offer is heating up so you can jump in with us…


    7 Figure Mastermind

    The Members-Only Facebook Community is locked down and strictly private to the Quit 9 To 5 Academy Family.


    Expert Coaching

    Unbeatable Support Rapid-Response Help Desk: Our team of expert coaches who know the system inside and out! Expert Coaching: Second layer of support, streamlined access to us (Nick and Max)! We’ve Got You Covered: if you’re worried about ANYTHING at all, don’t be, we’ve helped thousands of people build successful online businesses and we can help solve ANY problem you have.

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    You get full access to all 14 modules, the special Copy Software that writes sales-getting software for you, the full recordings from a private conversions-mastery event, and more.

  • Bonus 2

    The Profit Calculator


  • Bonus 3

    Ad Account Harvester


  • Bonus 4

    Ad Account Shutdown Crew

    **This is a set of specialists on our team who are there to assist you with getting your advertiser account back up and running (or a new one in place) for if anything goes wrong with your account. **

  • Bonus 5



JOIN QUIT 9 TO 5 ACADEMY [VIP Edition] through the link on this page today, and you’ll also receive the following HUGE exclusive additional bonuses...

60 Day Demo

We’ve chosen a member of our writing team to jump in and run a 60 day Demonstration of Quit 9 to 5 Academy.

This Demonstration is hugely valuable because you’ll get to see over the shoulders of someone else as they go ahead and implement the same system that you’re going through. You can see how they go, what their thoughts are, from start to finish, seeing them make their first sales, scaling to higher levels and more.

Red Carpet VIP Support

In addition to the incredible support offered by Quit 9 to 5 Academy, you’ll also get access to an additional private VIP support service that we’ve put in place SPECIFICALLY for our customers who invest through our link.

This will ensure that your private requests and questions get TOP priority and even more attention than the already AMAZING support that is being offered.

Scattergun Marketing

Full recordings of a live private workshop I put on where I reveal 6 ‘scattergun’ methods that take 30 mins to 4 hours max, that can produce a wealth of profits. One of these methods took me about 4 hours to put something up on a site that is not mine, that anyone can post to, and is still making me over $150 per month, 1 YEAR after I posted it. BONUS 3: Scattergun Marketing.

Learn a bunch of killer strategies like these that is kind of like playing ‘roulette’ with your affiliate commissions (some will work great, others may not, but the more of these scattergun shots you take, the more random commissions keep rolling in).

Personal Development Niche Success

Here you’ll discover several high quality, profitable, offers in the personal development niche, that I’ve received 5 and 6 figure commissions from.

They are proven, high quality offers, that provide great value for the people who buy them.

Also, I’ve negotiated higher commissions than the standard rates, so it’s worth claiming this bonus for that reason alone, some of the commissions are even over 100%, which is almost unheard of.

Ultimate Risk Reversal

If you follow all the Quit 9 to 5 Academy methods, use their support, do everything in the training, and do not land any sales we will refund you for any expenses incurred up to the value of $1000. I’m doing this because I believe so strongly in this system and the likelihood of it’s success for anyone who follows through on their instructions. This Ultimate Risk Reversal, for those who refund the program and incurred expenses, is valid for the duration of the 30 day refund period for Quit 9 to 5 Academy.

Micro Conversion Profits

Here you’ll discover a one-of-a-kind brand new strategy for making great sales online, by using ‘Micro Conversions’ to get targeted buyers buying from you, before they see relevant, high converting affiliate offers from you on the backend.

This is a method of affiliate marketing that produces excellent sales, and is highly compliant with Facebook, Google and other paid traffic sources. It’s an excellent program that is highly complimentary with the Quit 9 to 5 Academy program.

Building Abundant Wealth - 8 Keys To Financial Freedom

Recently I was running a live event in the Personal Development niche, and I shared an exact mindset shift that results in financial success.

In essence, I share with you how to burn into your mind the thoughts, traits and habits of a MILLIONAIRE.

This session is likely to become a HUGE turning point in your journey towards financial freedom, and you'll discover what a critical role each of these 8 keys played in my own journey towards millionaire success.

Dropship Profits with Mr X

This is the FULL recordings from a live in person workshop, my special guest, Mr X, revealed exactly how he is making over 170k per MONTH by selling low priced physical products through Facebook ads (without having to pay for them till AFTER they have been ordered by the customer, and they get shipped direct from the manufacturer to the customer... Brilliant!).

While this is a totally different method of monetisation to what you learn in Quit 9 to 5 Academy, seeing inside his Facebook accounts, seeing his products, and finding out his unique software and bidding strategies will give you valuable insights you can apply in your own campaigns and will blow you away.

Conversion Psychology

- 9 Ways To DOUBLE Your Sales -

After nearly 20 years of marketing on the internet, during that time, I’ve discovered that the heart of all conversions to sales comes from 9 key areas of human psychology.

These are all explained in detail in this groundbreaking workshop that will change the way you look at all forms of copywriting forever.

Whether you’re writing email copy, ad copy, sales page copy or video sales letter copy, the strategy that you’re going to gain access to here forms a fantastic checklist that will be highly likely to provide a dramatic bump in your sales.

This comes complete with a checklist based on what is taught here that you can use over and over again as many times as you want.

Media Buying Workshop Recordings

In this one of a kind training workshop recording, you’ll hear from an 8 Figure Marketer who gets his traffic from all sorts of places including Pay Per View, Google Adwords, Facebook, Native Ad Networks and more.

Here he shares his detailed strategies so you’ll never be stuck for more traffic sources to scale into, and is perfectly complementary with the Quit 9 To 5 Academy program.

How to Claim Your Bonuses

All your need to do claim all the bonuses on this page and gain full access to the QUIT 9 TO 5 ACADEMY [VIP Edition] course and community is click the ADD TO CART button below right now.

Once you have done that please email a copy of the receipt to support@affilorama.com with the subject line: Quit 9 to 5 Academy [VIP Edition] Bonus Claim